Module IV

"Advanced" Mathematics

Advanced multisensory math is child's play when you have base 10 manipulatives that Students can get their hands on. If the students have been playing with blocks and making drawings, And concepts that are not easily modeled with base 10 blocks can be sketched Which is tremendously helpful.  Adding the visual component can make all the difference. Here is a PDF that carries some weight (although it's a little late) from Stanford: SEEING AS UNDERSTANDING: The Importance of Visual Mathematics for our Brain and Learning.

Remember the basic skill sets that you need to do "Advanced" Mortensen mathematics is the ability to count to 9, form a rectangle and tell me whether something the same or different or not.  Lessons on this page were designed for young children...Many of the concepts can be introduced at a very early age; however their inexperience and inability to count quickly via the Basic Operations (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication Division) increases the cognitive load to the point where understanding is lost.  Check out Module Two for more on how to keep the numbers small & the concepts big.

These pages make Math Concepts easy!

If you can count to nine, form rectangle and tell me if something same or different or not, you should be fine on every single one of these pages.  These pages are designed for the 10 and under crowd.

This Trig page ALONE is again worth the entire cost of all four modules in a lifetime passport...I have heard that many times now. Getting people to comment and write testimonials is like pulling teeth.  The fact that I have so many in and of itself should be a clue to some of you. Please go back and leave comments good bad or indifferent on these pages so people can see it's not just me.

The Trig To Eight Year Old's Page breaks down basic trig functions like SIN, COS and TAN and make them concrete and understandable. Finding angles and sides is easy when you can get you hands on it and understand what the words mean and what the questions are asking. Actual lessons show you how to show your kids (or yourself) how easy trig can be.

Advanced Algebra:  This page show how to do negative expressions and integers as well as graphing polynomials, some story problems and more. Shows little kids doing "advanced" math. The point is not that they are geniuses the point is if they can do it you can do it and learn how o show your kids too.  There is NO PLACE else you will find 5 and 6 year olds factoring problems like x² - x - 6 or 8 year olds factoring third and fourth power polynomials and HAVING FUN DOING IT.  They ask for it. 

Functions & Relationships This is a pdf of one of the old out of print Series A manuals. Clears up a lot of issues students have with pre-calculus concepts and shows you how to do some basic water tank and constant rate problems with a half hour video. Again, nobody is showing you how to do this kind of math with the ten and under crowd. NOBODY.

Pythagorean Theorem  This page makes Pythagoras' theory super easy to understand and completely visually obvious! Any little kid it can do this. In fact, you'll see little kids doing it on the page. I used to teach these lessons to second graders.   A great lesson to dovetail into after you've built some squares and a maybe even pyramid out of squares.

Derivation of  pi. This is a presentation that again you won't find anywhere else. Shows you how to show why it's πr². Rather than just memorize a formula, understand how the formula was derived and what it means starting with length times width. Finding area always boils down to making rectangles.

Derivation of the Quadratic equation. Shows you how to use blocks & pictures to explain and understand the quadratic equation...So that's not just a 
string of symbols to memorize which mean little to nothing.

Added Bonus:

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