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If you don understand basic concepts trigonometry is no fun at all. But if you understand that all we are doing now is cutting rectangles into triangles and studying the relations between the sides and the angles, suddenly trigonometry isn't quite so scary at all. In fact trig should be easy and fun...

I have had more than several students go from "F" and when I say "F" I mean 30's and 40's to getting 100%. No problem.

Once you understand some basic concepts all they can do is change the numbers. On the next page you will find hours of videos that will make those concepts plain, simple and EZ to understand...and once you understand the concepts, a little basic algebra and can do the computation required, it is easy and fun.

This Page ALONE Is Worth The Price Of A Lifetime Password.

I charge $50.00, for tutoring. The videos on the password protected page the follows are actual the lessons. Here is an introduction and a look at what's on the trig's an excerpt from the actual lesson I gave that earned this student a 100% on his trig test. Prior to this he hadn't been doing put it mildly.

Even just understanding sin30° = 1/2 not just .5 can be huge for some students. But wait...1/2 = .5 you say. Of course it does but you may have lost the basic concept that that is a relationship of one to two not just "point five." It the relationship of the opposite side of the thirty degree angle to the hypotenuse. Later we will see how that relationship changes as the angle changes...but first we get comfortable with the special triangles...then we can put those special triangles on the unit circle which is supposed to organize thought and make studying these changes and relationships easier, not harder.

This is explained in great detail on the videos you get on the other side.

I wish I had a "before" video to compare with this after video. The change in demeanor and confidence was shocking to his own grandparents (who paid for the lessons), the tern "miracle worker" was thrown around. It's just math, and anybody that can count to nine and speak a language as silly as English can understand it, provided it's explained correctly. 90 seconds of happy:

"I approve this message," got cut off. Never did get to see the actual test...but if you want to see the actual lesson that earned him the 100% along with a host of other lessons that cleared things up for him other students get a password and hit


BTW, he did get a 100% on the next one too, we just never got around to making another video...and it took WEEKS to get the vid back from him...he did a nice job editing it though, I think you will agree.

Here is a little short BONUS video that I have been told turned on a light bulb for an older student...a teenage girl who was "freaked out" about trig. It's just a very simple explanation of the first three basic trig functions and their definitions. Thrown into a lesson with little boys...nothing hard about it.

Here is another hour of Trig, showing you the difference between concept based teaching and just memorizing it long enough to take a test so you can forget it again. After watching this video solving problems like 

sinθ = 1/2 ∴ cosθ = x/2 should be no problem...and tanθ = y/x solving for x and y is crackers...nothing to it. EZ. 

This video alone is worth 50 bucks.

A quick look at what's on the Trig Pages.

Here is a short five minute video that shows you what you get on the Trig for eight-year-olds page and peek on the other side of this page; it's updated and it shows you that there are now hours and hours of trigonometry videos for you to watch, play and have fun with...


Check out Pythagoras' Theorem 

Check out How to teach it to an 8 year old.

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"Math is sometimes called the science of patterns." ~Ronald Graham

"I dislike math, yet I respect and appreciate the fact that math is the language of the universe." ~Lucas Grabeel quotes

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Want to see more free pages & lessons & other free stuff on this site?

Here's My Patreon:

Consider a dollar a month.  This will also allow me to volunteer my time.

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