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30 Hour Course.
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When I do Math Tutoring On Maui, (via he internet) classes usually last for an hour, although I also have students who do back to back classes, for two hours. I keep it fast & fun so even 7 year olds are amazed at how fast the time goes.

Classes via the internet!

I use Gmail hangouts.

$60.00 / hour
$250.00.00 paid in advance = 5 classes, or $50.00 @hour.

Contact for more info and availability. At the moment I have openings Mondays and Wednesdays.  I try to schedule classes with more than one student at a time, no matter where you live we can do math via the Internet.

base ten manipulatives, base ten blocks, Moretsen Math,

I've had classes with as many as five states and two countries represented, all you need is a set of blocks and a high speed connection. 

Unfortunately, most classes are solo. Often times I tutor parents, so they can play with their kids... I tutor your child/student, you sit and watch and I explained to you what I'm doing and why, then you can practice with others.

I'm also available teach your homeschool via the internet...

 here is an example of tutoring. This is intermediate to advanced because you'll notice that I don't use the base ten blocks very much, mostly the symbols.  But I do draw some pictures...the student is building some of them (which you don't see but you can hear). We used manipulatives extensively to start. 

I also do training via the internet usually on Fridays or week ends. They cover various topics from getting started to trig and algebra, parent teacher training and more...

You usually get a training when you buy a Passport. Trainings are usually $100.00 and you can just paypal me...or mail me a check.

GET STARTED doing it yourself.

Learn some Algebra.

Math Enrichment for all ages.

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“We must make sure that Chess will not be like a dead language, very interesting, but for a very small group” ~Sytze Faber

"God exists since mathematics is consistent, and the Devil exists since we cannot prove it." ~Andre Weil

"Better than 1000 hours of study alone, is 1 hour with a learned master." ~Proverb.

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