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Some of My First Math Screencasts:

I made a Math screencast that talks about using algebra "from the get go" with kids. Also when I have more time you will see all the pictures with written descriptions and perhaps some additional information not covered in the screencast. Click the algebra, square #'s, and problem solving tabs for more...but there is also a lesson on combining like terms which may not be as easy to find...

The math screencast is a great fast way to take a bunch of pictures and make them make sense...

Find me on here onCrewton Ramone's Face Book Page where we can have more of a dialogue. 327 so far, almost 500 on twitter.

Also the blog has this post about actually using algebra to teach basic operations not just incorporating it...

2 Hours in 10 Minutes...

Some times it feels like 10 minutes and two hours fly by.


Here are two 5 minute screencasts covering a two hour session with a student who is 11...his friend did not show up so it wasn't quite as much fun and we did not go as fast because as he said, "it's no fair trying to beat you, you already know all this stuff."

We did cover a lot of ground though. We had fun and two hours do go by FAST.


Here is the YouTube video on Cross Multiplication I talk about, and here is another follow up video on Cross Multiplication.

And here are links to my square numbers page and problem solving page.

Free Math Software: Addends.

If you have young students or preschoolers let them play with this.

You can go to the iTunes store and download it or you can go get Crewton Ramone's Absolutely Amazing Addends here.

Here is a quick math screencast about actually using algebra to teach multiplication (and basic operations like addition and subtraction) with base ten manipulatives and the Mortensen Math Method. Using a three period lesson and other basic concepts are covered at The House Of Math just click the basic concepts tab.

Some Preschool Math: Multiplication

Math concepts like multiplication made easy for pre-scoolers. This five minute math screencast shows you a synopsis of lesson that uses concept based teaching.

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A picture is worth a thousand words...

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“To repeat what others have said, requires education, to challenge it, requires brains.” ~Mary Pettibone Poole

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