Module III


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Multisensory Math In Action.

"Multisensory" math is the new buzzword. It seems some educators have finally caught up with Maria Montessori And have realized that the more senses you add the easier whatever subject it is is to learn. Further, if you can see it in your mind, it's easier to describe with words or symbols. Therefore the visual component is tremendously important.

The kinesthetic or tactile component is also tremendously important.  The Mortensen Method employs visual, auditory and kinesthetic components in almost every lesson. 

The multisensory approach 
also increases understanding and speeds learning.  What has turned into a 12 year curriculum in public schools can be covered in much less time with better understanding with the effective use of manipulatives.

Base 10 blocks make up the foundation of the conceptual lessons that you were going to see here. Once concepts are understood all we can do is change the numbers, but the principle is the same.

This module consists of many pages that show you theory in practice.  For those of you who already have passwords scroll down the page for links that take you directly to the pages where you can put in your password, skipping the landing/entry page. 

The pages or organize more or less in order from top to bottom, But remember all you need to do is be able to come to nine identify rectangle and tell if something is same or different and you can get started. These are skills 
sets the most five year olds have already acquired.

If you don't have a password go to the long links under the paragraphs that say "entry" in the URL for more information & free instruction.  

 Theory in practice:

Concepts. This page covers five basic concepts and other basics & fundamentals that comprise the methodology, such as "the three period lesson."

Enrichment. This is a page that Links to many blog posts showing You how to use algebra to teach mathematics to very little kids. The page itself is short. It only contains one video, but be sure to click the links, They take you to Buried Blog posts, Which although old are timeless and ageless. Lessons will be the same when he has children.

Games and Activities This page has the Series A manual PDF  along with a few more links and videos.

Preschool math activities. This is the entry page. There are some fun activities for preschoolers here, playing with clay & chalk on the sidewalk among others. Several hours of video have been added so you can see theory in practice.


To get the most out of the addition page, you need the module three password. The addition page has many links to password-protected pages. There are many, pics and vid's that show you how to teach the crucial concept of Addition...on pages like these. The idea is at this age it should be fun, so these pages show you how to play games & give them fun activities or tasks to do that are simple yet powerful when it comes to mathematical concepts.

Notice that emphasis is on play, not worksheets and pencils. These pages are not designed to be the have all or end all, But to give you an idea of some of the games and activities that you could create for making math fun in your homeschool or classroom.

Addends. Building walls & having fun is important to begin with. Concepts like numbers are made of other numbers, Addition and subtraction skills and more 
are developed by building & playing with the blocks.  This page shows you some basics. Addends are foundational skill that help with all of your counting.  There are several links to password-protected pages on the addition page.

First grade math worksheets.  This page is weak and everything that's on it is already on the PDFs Page, but it does have 
few cool PDFs and videos.  It used to be a free page, but I got tired of people coming to my site downloading as much as they could, never paying for anything.  The idea was that people would come get all this great free stuff and then eventually pay me back by getting a password ...I misjudged the character of my potential clientele. Those of you that have passwords none of this applies to you. lol  Those of you who click around seeing how much free stuff you can get?  This absolutely applies to you.

Subtraction: This page is password protected because the way I teach subtraction & making change is unique on the internet.  This method makes it super fast and easy. You can make change in your head faster than cashiers can punch it into their cash registers.

Multiplication Main Page  This page has lots of videos and links to Multiplication Information.  It also contains a link to the series a multiplication manual.

Password-protected PDFs page. This page has PDFs, But it does not have the series a manual
s or the EZ PZ PDF or training videos.  It has everything on the first grade math worksheets page and much more.

Completing The Square: This page takes from the very basic starting with young children through all the various lessons you need to make this part of the algebra easy and understandable. I will also give you quite a bit regarding square numbers, square roots, dividing by two, squaring numbers that end in 5 and other basic foundational concepts that make math EZ and fun.  This link takes you to the "start" of it, beginning with the FREE page.

Percentages:This page is great because it makes percentages so easy. Problems like 12 is what percent of 40?  Or 49 is 70% of what number? Are super easy once you can see what you are doing. This page is priceless because the knowledge you find on it is contained nowhere else on the internet that I've seen. 

Square Numbers This page shows you how crucially important it is to build squares. This will help with Radicals, Square Roots & more. The concept of square numbers is deceptively simple...But I've seen how important this is even for high school students. Young students can grasp the concept of square root and radicals when they can get their hands on it.

Problem Solving. This page makes problem solving child's play; also introduces systems of equations using "Ten Apples Up On Top".  Problems like  3x - 2 =  2x + 5 are explained in detail. 

Sample Lessons:
 This page alone is worth the whole price. Not just theory but theory in practice you get to see me "do it," unrehearsed on the fly with real live students of all ages and abilities. As one little girl recently said, "it's WAY more fun when you are doing it, than just watching videos." This is why we say math is NOT a spectator sport. 

Sample Lessons with Sarah: Speaking of theory in practice, here is a page of vids with me working with an autistic girl. You see some of the actual lessons that got her to pass her GED and ACT Compass test. We should be very thankful to Sarah and her mom for giving me permission to use these. "Maybe another autistic  person like me will see it and they will know math is easy too because they saw me. Yeah?" I have been told this is an invaluable resource because it shows how to break concepts down so simply that her autism isn't a barrier and at times can actually be an advantage.

DBoyz playing with math. Example isn't a way to teach. It's THE ONLY way to teach. At Crewton Ramone's House of Math I don't show you how theory...I show you how.  You too can tailor lessons for you kids that make learning math fun easy and personalized for your child.

Raymond's Page. More sample lessons with another student. This a bright young student. By now it should start to ecome clear the concepts are the same and so are some of the lessons...the more you see theory in practice the easier it will be to practice the theory with you own students and get stellar results.

Emma's Page:  This child was labeled, they wanted to introduce drugs. As Far as I could tell she was a normal child who was just bored to tears in school.

Password Protected Screencast Page on has another 23 vids which equates to more than 4 hours more training via screencast. All are short video lessons, usually less than 10 minutes long, (none of them more than 15 minutes long) so you can do it in bite size pieces.

***Side note: there are Free videos and training which you will find valuable on all almost of these pages.

SCREENCASTS: Here are two pages many people overlook. One had over 70 FREE screencasts only two of them work.  Fortunately I understand the concept of redundancy, and you can find all of them on YouTube if you do a little digging. Problem is they don't always have the same name.  They also exist on a back up hard drive.  There's a project I'm probably never going to get to.

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I have lots of explanatory videos to make and add. I also have several entry or landing pages to build. When the dust settles it should be much easier to navigate, to get started, & to know what to do next.


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Module IV

"It is not enough to have a good mind. The main thing is to use it well." ~René Descartes

“To repeat what others have said, requires education, to challenge it, requires brains.” ~Mary Pettibone Poole

"Learning is what most adults will do for a living in the 21st century." ~Perelman

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Want to see more free pages & lessons & other free stuff on this site?

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