Fractions can be very useful in learning multiplication. We need to teach fractions conceptually because it's common Misconception, That after four years of learning addition subtraction multiplication and division suddenly the rules change when we start adding subtracting multiplying or dividing fractions. The rules didn't change.

The five concepts state clearly, in concept number two that we can only count things that are the same. Trying to count 1/2 and 1/3  by adding them together isn't possible until we make them into the same Kind.

Here are some fractions lessons available for free on my blog.  Start with equivalent fractions which also teach Multiplication concepts, As well as "Math synonyms". 3+3=6 but 6 can also be 4+2, or 5+1, Children learn to recognize 1/2 = 2/4 = 3/6.  Those are all the same thing. A relationship of 1 to 2.  You should find these fractions worksheets helpful.

Watch theory in action; here is the methodology in practice:

Equivalent Fractions With The Wee Ones

Fractions Despite SPED

More  Free Fractions Lessons From My Blog

You need the module three password.  On the other side you will find videos & worksheets you won't find anywhere else made specifically For your base 10 blocks from Mortensen Math.  Have overlays from other companies, that are basically identical to the ones you'll find in the fractions kit, You can of your course use those. But you also need multi tens to make it fast easy and fun.  Multi tens kit makes it fast and easy but if you don't have them you can just use blue tens it just takes longer and is a little more tediou, but still better than just using pencil and paper and memorizing rules.

With these two kits we can teach Fractions and make it fun fast and easy. While we're learning fractions we will learn algebra and multiplication too.

Why invert multiply?

I've done seminars for teachers where 50 teachers were in room and not one of them answered my question to anyone's satisfaction when I asked them, "why do we invert multiply?"

That's because it's just a rule that they memorize they don't understand where it comes from or why. I've also been room with more than 50 teachers right ask them why we invert and multipliy and not one person ventured an answer.

Basic operations, are the same whether it's addition subtraction multiplication or division, with whole numbers, fractions, radicals, algebraic expressions etc, we only count the same kind.

Here's a little freebie Using symbols only. There is much more waiting for you on the other side.  The Password-protected fractions page is worth the price of the month of Module III alone.



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