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People really are amazed at how easy and fun math can the house of math we take subtraction for granted...heck we take algebra for granted, so subtraction should be easy. I know for sum it's not. 

I was taught the same way you were the hard silly way. But then I discovered an easier way to do it. Actually, I was directed to discover an easier way to do it by a man named Jerry Mortensen. He caved into pressure from big marketing companies back in the day who thought teaching subtraction this way was just too radical for people to wrap their minds around better to just use base ten blcks to show the way they were used to doing it in school...and for the most part they were right, but I think it's time for a change. (Get it? I'm making change...gawd I crack myself up.) And I think you will find this is the easiest way you've ever seen to learn and teach subtraction. 

Not only can I teach you, I can teach you to teach your kids for example. Best of all it's easy, painless and maybe even really, you could have fun doing math with your kids. Send me your email address and I'll send you my book and you can see for yourself. 

Do you really think I have enough money to pay people money to make this many glowing comments about my book?

The Deal Is Simple.

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Yes, I'm am collecting your email, but you won't be getting a ton of email from me. In fact, when I do get around to automating my email lists you will get an email asking if you want to stay on the list or opt out. In fact the first several hundred people that asked for my book got a copy with a blatant error in it...and I still haven't gotten around to sending them the new edition with the all the errors don't worry about me clogging up your inbox with email you have to delete...if you get email from me you probably will want to read it. I'm famous for giving away stuff for free. Check out the rest of my site: Free Stuff Galore. 

Too many kids graduate high school and lack the ability to even make change. So I figured lets start with a FREE book on subtraction. Once you can add and subtract the rest is EZ. If you dig around my website you'll see little kids doing algebra and percentages in their heads and more and they look like they are having fun because they are. If you can speak English (or any language) and can count to nine I can probably teach you math.  Let's get started with subtraction. 

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Caution: Crewton Ramone gets controversial is not always PC, and you don't ever want it to be.

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"Mathematics is less related to accounting than it is to philosophy."
~Leonard Adleman

"Anyone can count the seeds in an apple, but no one can count the apples in a seed."~Anon

"There are three kinds of people: those who can count and those who can't." ~Anon

"I cannot find the words to express how amazed I was when I saw you teaching small kids math." ~CP, Italy.

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Now, I don't mind a short question or a  "have you got anything about" or a very specific question how to do a particular problem with manipulatives, in fact I enjoy those but I am not very keen on you having my email address either, same way I don't really want your phone number but Mortco requires it for orders and you won't ever hear from me unless something is WRONG. Some may note that I have gotten rid of my old phone number that I had for over a decade...for many reasons mainly because AT&T is a lame company but also because too many people had that number because I called to get info, or address clarification or whatever and then YOU of course have my number...and then I was getting phone calls from people who acted like they knew me, but couldn't calculate the difference in time zones. 

This is not a huge organization. It's one guy.  If you are so paranoid and jaded that you don't want to get a free book on subtraction that really does show you a way to do subtraction that I am quite sure you've never seen before in your whole entire life that makes subtraction EASY and maybe even fun--even if you already have a degree in mathematics, that's fine, I understand. Believe me I do. I spend too much time deleting emails from people who think good marketing means sending out an email with an offer or a tiny tidbit of info every freaking day until I finally just delete them altogether.  This isn't going to happen at the house of far I've sent out one email to tell people about a flash sale I was having.  May send out an email once a month with info in it about password changes or new videos, blog posts or websites but that's about it for now. Marketing people say I should send stuff at leaste the moment I don't see that happening.

Get a subscription or buy a password and you will eventually find your way to a link where you can download this book...and then I'll have way more info about you than just your email address...or for now, I can just send you a free book that makes subtraction supremely simple.

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And pardon me: for those of you that can't do math, the November 2020 election was stolen.  Very basic math. Trump won in a landslide, so did a lot of others...this is why YOU need math.  

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