Mortensen Math wants $3.15 PER book for all of their books except the Manuals and coloring books, in fact the coloring books I have are no longer in print. They new coloring book is completely different. Prices and Paypal buttons are coming. Shipping will be simple as they fit in the flat rate priority box....if you want to pay less they can go media mail...6 to 8 weeks...

That means a set of Smiley Face Books is $150.00 they used to $25.00 so many people get sticker shock when they see the new price. There are several ways to make them less disposable and last longer that I will detail in blogs posts but briefly you can use clear sheets with wet erase pens and write on the clear can laminate them for classroom use but that's a lot of work. You can also just make answer sheets where they use the book and write on the answer key...for little kids all they have to do is make one two or three dots with a pen on a piece of paper. Books are 20 pages long so making answer sheets and keys is easy. Someday soon you will be able to down load those as PDF's...

Book prices include FREE DOMESTIC shipping.

Smiley Face Books, Mortensen Math

These Smiley Face Books are designed for students who have not developed the manual dexterity and fine motor skills required to write symbols. They are good for children 8 and under. They start off easy and STAY easy. But by the time you get to book ten they are doing some pretty "advanced math". The children will tell you all they are doing is counting...

I meant concurrently!!! Will cut that video

Mortensen Math, Addition Facts Mastery,

Mortensen Math, Multiplication Facts Mastery,

Mortensen Math, Level One Mortensen Math Books,

Here is a PDF of the Progress Charts.

And here is the scope and sequence of the books.

Mortensen Math, Level One Manual.

Skip Count, Beginner Multiplication

Book Prices INCLUDE shipping.


These are the NEW skip count books in the larger format with the skip count CD. The CD is $18.00 Includes domestic shipping and the Books 2 thru 9 are 24.00 or get them together for 42.00.


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Mathematics is a game with rules and no objectives." ~Anon

"Mathematics is a game played according to certain simple rules with meaningless marks on paper." ~David Hilbert