Learn To Use Base Ten Blocks To Make Math EZ!

If you can speak a language, count to nine, form a rectangle, and tell me if something is same or different or not: I can teach you math. Moreover I can teach you to teach your students or children math. Period.

Using base ten blocks to teach math makes math EZ and FUN. Base ten blocks will make your explanations simple and obvious. Parents and teachers alike find using them makes it much easier to explain even difficult concepts because the students can SEE IT.

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” ~ Albert Einstein

“I advise my students to listen carefully the moment they decide to take no more mathematics courses. They might be able to hear the sound of closing doors.” ~James Caballero

"After watching your math videos, I cried." ~ More math parents than you can shake your finger at. I hear it regularly. Find out why.

This site makes math easy and understandable by using base ten blocks or math manipulatives. Concept based teaching means once you understand the concepts all they can do is change the numbers...

The idea is simple. In the same way you give a child piano lessons for enrichment, give the child math enrichment. You don't expect every child to become concert pianists for the philharmonic, nor every child to become a mathematician or rocket scientist; however, if the child wants to be an engineer they can become an engineer, and if they want to be an artist or journalist they can do that, because they want to not because they can't do the math. Base ten blocks will help.

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People that tell me they can't do math are trying to convince me (and themselves) that they can't count, because all math is, is counting...they often do a very good job of fooling themselves into thinking it's hard. They may even think they have bad "math genes..." Well, here at my house of math we are going to explode those myths answer a lot of questions and make math so easy it's child's play. Right down to the algebra. You'll SEE because we use base ten blocks to make it EASY.

It is paradoxical that many educators and parents still differentiate between a time for learning and a time for play without seeing the vital connection between them. -Leo Buscaglia, author (1924-1998)

This 90 second introduction could

change your child's "Math Life" forever:

Note how old this video is. This isn't something new, but it is something most people haven't discovered yet even if they already have base ten blocks, what I found out is that most people don't know how to use them effectively.

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People always ask where do I start? How about you start with that video and then click the getting started tab...? And you can quite literally start anywhere because this method is not what you are used to math is counting so you could start with Algebra or division if you wanted to...it all teaches math.

Welcome to Crewton Ramone's House of Math!

That's me, sort of, Crewton Ramone. As you can see the pic needs work...

Please note that this site will always be under construction. Used to be what you saw was mostly nuts and bolts...bells and whistles are being added constantly...also right now the "cool" parts have barely been added...cool as in using "higher" algebra to teach 5 year olds how to count...they factor polynomials as an added bonus. There are now several hours of teacher training using base ten blocks, where you get theory instead of practice but you find it's practical theory. Most of the site is The Method in action with actual students in real time, unrehearsed. Check out my blog for more on this, it now has TONS of information and pics of base ten blocks and lots of videos showing you practice not theory.

I'm less than 12% done so check back often. More Video is being produced and added sporadically and now I'm adding PDFs.

...after a 7 years I'm still just getting started.

So when you return, remember to hit refresh or reload on your browser to get the latest page. Some people have told me that they have come here because I told them to check out the work I've done and they see the same thing...hit refresh or reload and suddenly the page is the latest version. I have quite a few pages so far; errors are being fixed and stuff is added on a sporadic (at best) basis. My blog gets regular updates lately, so does the FaceBook page. I'm up over 300 posts on my blog, and over 500 videos and screencasts on YouTube.

Just search "Crewton Ramone."

Okay, you have a set of base ten blocks, now what?

This site uses base ten blocks to teach math, so if you have a set it should help you use them more effectively. If you need a set I have them here at the best prices possible...

This method says if you can count to nine, identify a rectangle, and tell if two items are same or different, I can teach you math. Period. Counting through calculus...okay you'll need zero and one for calculus; but don't get the idea this site is going to be just for little kids. Most of my students are in high school and college. Click on the "concepts" tab for more.

It has become clear that if the student's grades improve in math they tend to improve in ALL areas of academics. The reverse is also true. I can't count the number of people who have told me after seminars or during tutoring sessions that they can point to the time when their trouble in school started. They know all too well that it was when they got their first "F" or "D" in Math. Usually it was in algebra; then all the grades went "south". This site is all about avoiding the problem in the first place (with conceptual understanding) and fixing the problem if this is where you or some one you love finds themselves now.

There is a tremendous amount of mathematics to cover, some might say an infinite amount of math...

This site will start at the beginning, that is math for young children and simple counting (i.e. preschool math), and then head off in varied directions as we go along. Because the methodology I will rely on most doesn't exactly fit into the pre-school math, 1st grade math, 2nd grade math etc format most are used to, you may need to explore this site a little to find what you are looking for, since you will see I use algebra and factoring expressions to teach basic math right along side counting, addition and multiplication. Older students and adults often learn MOST from watching me explain concepts to the little kids using base ten blocks.

You will actually SEE why factoring trinomials and factoring polynomials as well as completing the square can be used to teach counting, addition, multiplication and more. You will see how we use fractions to cross teach multiplication as opposed to many methods that say they should have their multiplication facts finished first before they learn basic operations with fractions. "Place value" will be made EASY and visually obvious as will "combining like terms" in algebra.. I make new vids every month...

If you are a parent looking for math help for your preschool, grade school or high school math student or better yet some one looking for math enrichment for your child or even yourself check back often and refresh pages often (hit re-load). Pages are being built and re-built, software is being built, videos and screencasts are being made, pdf's created and more for this site using base ten blocks. I also troll the web for info (so you don't have to), regarding math education, news, products for learning math and teaching math and so on, this usually appears on my FaceBook Page... trying to put it all here wasn't working.

If you are a math home schooler looking for lessons or help with home school math using base ten blocks there will be plenty of help here, math games, math lessons, how to teach math and why to teach math, what math to emphasize and more all done with manipulatives.

If you are a teacher of the mathematics, first off hats off to you, you most likely have more formal math education than I ever will, and I think you may find some great math resources here too. Check out the 5 - 15 minute math lessons using base ten blocks on my BLOG... The blog doesn't get outdated, there you will find lessons and videos derived from my tutoring sessions and work I have done in schools.

The FACEBOOK PAGE has a good mix of fun math stuff, a lot of my Math Videos in one place plus pics of actual students and sessions, with 100's of links to other math pages and free software for learning math using base ten blocks, articles, 3rd party videos, websites and more...and I get to interact with people I've never met from all over the world.

Please come with a “beginner attitude.” If your cup is already full and I try to pour some knowledge in, all we will do is make a mess. I'm sure there are some things you can use here and some things you may chose to disregard, but don't toss the baby out with the bath water, I have a long history of taking kids from “F” to “A” who were failing to understand teachers who had more degrees than I'll ever have. I have also had success with SPED and Autistic kids where others have failed.

Of course if you are a student who is having a hard time with math or one of those weirdos like me who enjoys math and wants to get ahead this site will also contain just what you are looking for...eventually.

If you are math phobic or a "math phobiac", have no math fear Crewton Ramone is here. I have watched more than one math phobiac go from fear to math tutor in short order. Once you discover how fun and easy math is using base ten blocks, you will naturally want to help others. The worse it was for you I find the stronger this inclination is. Sounds unbelievable now but as you explore my house of math you'll find it's true, it's true, it's oh so true.

I know you can teach/learn math for one simple reason: YOU SPEAK ENGLISH. And you are reading this in a language I would argue is FAR more complex than most of the mathematics and certainly the mathematics taught from 1st grade and 2nd grade on up to 9th grade in most schools in the USA. The Mathematics is a simple, beautiful language and one which I will attempt to demystify it using simple base ten blocks if you will be so kind as to allow me to do so. In fact I postulate that The Mathematics has been made complex and hard on purpose by some who would rather you didn't learn math. More on that elsewhere.

I also will spend time on math tutoring: How to start your own business teaching math using specific tools, particularly manipulatives, that will make you a stellar teacher of math concepts. I will show you step by step how I did it, and if I can do it so can you. Again, I've seen people who never in a million years thought they would teach math at any level in any way, shape or form become good at it and supplement their income at the same time. In order to teach it you obviously have to "know" it (or you should, I had a teacher or two that DIDN'T) and to "know" it you have to learn it and in many cases UN-learn it...so pretty much no matter where you are or what your level of experience there should be some math here for you. Look for some 7 week video courses using base ten blocks "soon". Click on the Parent /Teacher tab for more on that and for inexpensive training.

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BE sure to visit my blog: http://crewtonramoneshouseofmath.blogspot.com/" With the caveat that if you don't already know a bit about this system and using base ten manipulatives it may not make much sense at first because it's new and strange to you...so you may want to dig around this site first. Be assured: kids love learning this way universally. 100% Success speaks for itself. Teachers will enjoy the blog for the short 5-15 minute lessons it details. Note: the blog only gets about a 1/4 of the visits compared to this website, but because some people made some pleasant donations and because people wanted to see what I do and how I do it there is a TON of content there now. Videos and screencasts and pics and more. People have told me "it's gotten to be pretty cool"...because the bells and whistles I talked about 4 years ago are appearing. So really: check back often...and hit refresh.

Why Is Math Important?

This site will attempt to answer that oft asked question. Certainly one or two paragraphs won't cut it.

“Mathematics is a language.” ~Josiah Willard Gibbs

Use Your Base Ten Blocks!

Partial Table Of Contents:

Base Ten Block Blog
My blog, shows you examples of how to use base ten blocks and other things. Posts get old but not out of date, it has been called an invaluable resource for teachers and homeschoolers.
Basic Concepts.
These concepts are the cornerstone of the teaching method. Every math text book is a variation on one of these five themes.
Math Tutoring On Maui
I do Math Tutoring on Maui: go here for rates and info. Also you may want to start your own business one day or perhaps get training for your school.
Class Schedule
Current openings for tutoring at Crewton Ramone's House of Math.
Math Enrichment
Math Enrichment for the masses, a page showing how much math can be taught when you aren't being tutored because of bad grades or in panic mode because a test is coming.
Base Ten Block Testimonials
A page of Math Testimonials for Crewton Ramone's House of Math. Base ten blocks work!
Crewton Ramone Users
A page for YOU to share YOUR stories, pictures and experiences using base ten blocks with YOU kids or students at home or in the classroom.
Combo Kit Combo
"I'm just starting out, what should I get?" The stuff on this page that's what.
Base Ten Block PDF's
Math pdfs and videos on how to use them.
Product Exchange
The Product Exchange is the place to get PASSWORDS and other cool stuff.
What do you get for your money with a password? Base ten blocks are useless if you don't know how to use them, my passwords let you into pages that show you how.
Curriculum Starter Kit
Curriculum Starter Kits on sale. Best deal for material all bundled together. Everything you need one low price.
Mortensen Math Books
Mortensen Math Books avaiable now. You want to order books? I have books.
EZ PZ Overview Entry Page.
Base ten block methodology over view, free lessons and entry to the EZ PZ Overview raining and PDF.
Getting Started
The Getting Started page. Ready to get started? Answers the question,"what do I do to get started now that I just spent 500 bucks on a kit?" A quick overview and a little guidance.
first grade math worksheets
Here you will find first grade math worksheets, and links to a whole lot more. You also get a PASSWORD here.
Crewton Ramone's not so regular Math FAQ page.
A Math FAQ page that covers a lot of the "why" questions. Also sign up for the E-Zine here. Basically you'll be on my email list. It won't be a regular E-zine, that's for sure.
Parent Teacher Training
TRAINING for parents and teachers. Understand WHY we do the things we do. How to do it...videos explain the the rationale behind the method.
Base 10 Blocks Best Use
How to best use your base 10 blocks, links to vids, and pages show you more than just addition, subtraction and place value.
Learning to count.
Teaching students to count the easy way. One of the main questions to ask when confronted with any math problem is
Pre-School Math Activites
A page of Pre-School Math Activites and games for teaching counting and more.
How to teach addition. Addition is just counting quickly. Which eventually leads to multiplication, which is counting very, very quickly.
Teaching Addition With Base Ten Blocks
Teaching Addition With Base Ten Blocks makes your job easier, not harder. This page shows you how to use base ten blocks whether you are home schooling or in a traditional classroom.
Addition and Subtraction Using Manipulatives
An in depth "how to" page reveals some secrets about using Manipulatives to teach Addition and Subtraction with a bit of problem solving thrown in..
The associative property of addition.
Showing the associative property of addition using manipulatives makes this simple concept crystal clear.
Free Addition Game,
Free Addition Game; it's a demo so you can only build tens...but you get the idea of what the I-Phone software will be like. Like this only cooler.
The long awaited subtraction page. Subtraction is just small addition...and it's super easy once you know how.
Start Teaching beginner multiplication EARLY.
A page that shows how to teach beginner multiplication to young students using simple, powerful math activities.
Teach Multiplication
Teach Multiplication early save pain later. If you waited here are some tips, if you have toddlers here's more info on how to do it.
Multiplication Table
The Multiplication Table is the LAST way to teach multiplication. Along with the number line a very effective way to turn kids OFF to math. Still, if used correctly they can be FUN and teach a lot.
Division is EASY, you get more information than multiplication or factoring and yet students find it hard and confusing. Long division is universally despised. I make it fun. They can SEE it.
Long Division With Base Ten Blocks
Showing Long Division With Base Ten Blocks makes it EZ. This is another slightly more formal page of "how to" insturction on this dreaded topic. Make it fun and easy with simple stories.
The Fractions Home Page here at the house of math. You will find an emphasis placed on fractions concepts because this is where so many misconceptions begin. Teach Fraction Concepts early.
Fraction Worksheets
Fraction Worksheets based on base ten blocks, and square fractions tiles, not pies or circles. These worksheets are effective for concept based teaching. They are NOT generic randomly & generated.
Page that lets you know what's on the otherside of the paywall for percentages. Yet another page that is worth the price of an annual password all by itself.
Square Numbers
Using manipulatives to understand and add meaning to square numbers.
Problem Solving is just about the Whole Point of the mathematics.
Problem Solving is one of the most important uses for the mathematics, yet most people really don't like story problems.
PPPS Entry Page
This is your entry to the Password Protected Problem Solving Page. You get a preview of the PPSP, quick look at all the video and content and links here..
This page is the home base for algebra on this site, it leads to all the other pages that expalin how to use manipulatives to make algebra fun and easy.
Advanced Algebra Entry
What's on the Advanced Algebra Page? Know you know. Great page for homeschoolers wondering how they are going to teach their kids algebra.
Trigonometry with base ten blocks entry
Page is shows concept based teaching using base ten blocks; has many videos on it that reduce trigonometry to child's play. Many of the vids feature LITTLE kids.
Trigonometry Page
This trig page is password protected. And has many videos on it that reduce trigonometry to child's play. Many of the vids feature LITTLE kids.
How to Teach Trig to An Eight Year Old Entry Page
This page introduces you to trig concepts and other concepts needed to make trig easy to understand for young students.
Pythagorean Theorem
Pythagorean Theorem is easy to understand when you can see it.
Pi r squared
This page gives you a preview to THREE password protected videos. One shows a very simple and beautiful derivation of p r squared.
The Quadratic Formula
Deriving and understanding The Quadratic Formula, what it means where it comes from how to use it.
Pre-calc is childs play too. People get the wrong idea about the house of math. They think it's juat for little kids. I make it so easy little kids can do it.
Eat Sleep Math
Eat Sleep Math, just like it sounds: math is ordinary everyday stuff, A simple beautiful language that children should be exposed to all the time. Everyday activities can incorporate math.
Free Math Games
A page that has Free Math Games or links to free math games using base ten blocks.
Math Videos
Many You Tube math videos and more in one place. Vintage footage of old math promo vids, commercials etc going back to the 80's as well as current vids. Also has link to Password Protected Video.
Math Screencasts
A collection of some short 5 minute Math Screencasts. Plus a links to the much longer screencasts offsite at Screen Cast-O-Matic.
Math Quotes
Here is a page of my favorite Math Quotes, as well as quotes regarding education, learning and etc.
Math News You Can Use
A collection of news articles about math.
Sample Lessons Entry Page
Over TEN hours of video waiting for you to explore. The ultimate "how to" page for base ten blocks.
NOW you can buy a password that will allow you to see pages with more video and information on certain math topics. Answers to questions like how does this do negatives when factoring?
Dboyz Entry Page
Page gives you a sneak peak at the Passowrd Protected Page. Once you watch a couple videos you will realize it's even cooler than I made it out to be.
Raymonds Entry Page
Intro page for Ray's password protected page. Gives you an idea of what's on the other side on Ray's Password Protected Page. And why you should get a Password.
On this page you will see a "normal" six year old kid do math people say kids this age can't do.
Sarah's Entry Page
Page gives you a sneak peak of what you will find on Sarah's Page. All of her videos and more....
Emma is supposedly ADHD or ADD or something. Looks like a regular kid who likes to play math to me. So far about an hour of vid, answers the question "what do you do with these kids?"
Crewton Ramone's Completely Cool Curious Counters' Kindergarten Compendium
At last a base ten block book for little kids. Makes math visually obvious. Crewton Ramone's Completely Cool Curious Counters' Kindergarten Compendium: MY 1st BOOK Available Here for Download in PDF.
Password Protected PDFs
Pages shows all the PDf's you get once you get a password...
Series A Manual Games And Activities
Here is the Games And Activities Series A Manual. FREE. Online. Your welcome. All the rest of the Series A Manuals are Password Protected.
The site map for Crewton Ramone's House Of Math. Some may find it easier to Navigate through my house from here.
Contact information.
This page requires it's own special password. Hours of training on the methodology and concepts.
A page that shows you how to use base ten blocks and manipulatives to teach fractions.

Note: from time to time the passwords change. Simply e-mail me for a new one or a new passport as the case may be. Annual passes are good for one year, lifetime passes are good for as long as the site remains up, (site has been up for eight years now).  All single page passwords have lifetime renewal.