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How to Teach Trig to An Eight Year Old.

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You get access to a page that shows you how to use base ten blocks to make trig easy.  Happily even if you don't have base ten blocks you can still follow along with a pencil and a piece of graph paper. Manipulatives make it that much easier though because we add a kinesthetic component to the learning experience.  But if you don't have base 10 blocks, drawing is the next best thing...ideally you would build them AND draw them,  not just draw them but this is still better than symbols alone.

Note: cuisenaire rods will work pretty well here as well.


Here is a short vid explaining what you get for $39.95 if you don't already have a LIFETIME Password. If you have a LifeTime Password: Just email me.  This short 5 minute vid tells you what you get for your money. The nice thing is even if you don't have a set of blocks you can use this information to make trig more understandable and accessible to students of all ages. The information "stands alone" as it were. You don't need manipulatives to be able to follow along...graph paper and a pencil should suffice. Manipulatives are optimal. I think I failed to mention in the vid that the $39.95 gets you in for life. When the password changes just email me for the new one.

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On this page you will learn how to make Trig easy and fun so that it child's play for your students or children. Trig should be easy and fun. Here You will see math broken down into very basic concepts that make math (in this case trig) EZ! Use Micro lessons to make trig come together for your students. These videos show you how.

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"Can you imagine young people nowadays making a study of trigonometry for the fun of it? Well I did." ~Clyde Tombaug

"You know he's the right man for the job. It's just the mind-set he has. All the crap that can seep into your mind doesn't even enter his head. He breaks it down to A-B-C. For some guys it's the whole alphabet. It's trigonometry and calculus both. He's the consummate pro." ~Josh Miller

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