Fraction worksheets.

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fraction worksheets

There are also fraction worksheets on the Password Protected PDFs Page. Right now there are quite a few PDFs scattered all over this website. But you can find the bulk of them contained on the password-protected PDFs page. In module one you get all my PDFs, in module three you get everything but The EZ PZ Overview & the series a manuals. When I say all my PDFs I mean all of them. You get Supremely Simple Subtraction, The Curious Counters Compendium, and Divinely Dandy Non-difficult Division & the whole lot more.

The worksheets you find here are compatible with the screencasts and video you find here and on my blog. You can find generic randomly generated worksheets all over the web but the ones you find here are created specifically for base ten manipulatives and the fractions tiles you see on this site.

Crewton Ramone's worksheets are based on the five basic concepts and the ideas you find on the concepts page. That means my math worksheets go incrementally, by degree of difficulty and they use rectangles or squares not "pies" or circles.

Fractions worksheet

This makes it much easier to see equivalent fractions, ratios and common multiples. I know you want free printable worksheets so I provide you some here and on my other math worksheet pages but if you want the full length versions you need a password. Fortunately passwords are just two bucks a month or 5 bucks for a month peek. Your password gets more than just a few PDFs, it also gets you into the Advanced Algebra page (which will soon have more than just videos it will also have PDFs), and my private screencast channel that currently has screencasts including factoring negative expressions in algebra plus how to do third and fourth power algebra...hours worth of video. All for cheap.

Fractions Worksheets

Meantime here is a free one page fraction worksheet. There are now lots of worksheets available on the Password Protected PDF's Page, and soon there will be many more for adding fractions, and other operations. There are first grade math worksheets giving them practice with equivalent fractions and identifying fractions and a whole lot more, over 100 pages of of practice. I made them in color and black and white...

Check out my blog for lots (and lots) of posts on fractions and how to use manipulatives creatively to teach them. There is a wealth of information for FREE between this site and the blog and now you can use worksheets custom made for this teaching method. I also have over 200 vids on Youtube, not all on fractions but many are...

Click the navigation bar at left to go back to the fractions main page which is still (like the rest of this site) under construction.

Here is a fun little worksheet activity activity for beginner students and introduction into equivalent fractions and ratio.

Here one of many youtube vids that should give you and idea of how to use it..the pdf comes with cut out blocks for those who haven't got a set....yet.

More SCREENCASTs COVERING THESE WORKSHEETS (and how to best use them)


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“A man is like a fraction whose numerator is what he is and whose denominator is what he thinks of himself. The larger the denominator the smaller the fraction.”

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