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11 Hours of training.
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Base Ten Block CRASH COURSE 
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And pardon me: for those of you that can't do math, the November 2020 election was stolen.  Very basic math. Trump won in a landslide, so did a lot of others...this is why YOU need math.  

Algebra with base ten blocks online!

30 Hour Course.
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I failed to mention in the video that here, in these trainings, is the theory, in module three and four you get to see theory in practice. You get to see unedited and rehearsed lessons with actual students and actual children.

Do I have to have Mortensen Math Blocks?

 The short answer is no. But I have found that they are usually the most efficient. However, there are many blocks that are almost identical to the Mortensen blocks. And the fractions tiles are a common Math manipulative.  Using the big flat tiles in the fractions kit makes understanding fractions concepts child's play.

There are also lessons you can do with multi tens, and of course lessons that you can do just using the combo kit. I did not get to all of those in this training. However it is covered elsewhere. We also covered a lot more than fractions, but because there was demand I used fractions to demonstrate flow, and how math teaches math. I also showed why it's good to have a set of multi times and even better to have two sets of multi tens. Hence the deluxe combo kit.  These Manipulatives Just make you a more efficient teacher. They aren't absolutely can do the same lessons just with tens...But monochromatic rods are not as inviting to little children and particularly girls as bright colors are.

Look at all the math we learn just adding simple fractions. If you understand the five basic concepts, you understand that the rules didn't change we have to make them same before we can count them.  Doing so gives you an opportunity to practice multiplication & division as well as addition. They get to play and practice the skill sets required to add these numbers together and I show you how to use manipulatives to accomplish this.

I didn't even get a chance to play games with regard to knowing what one is. Knowing what to put in to the training and what to leave out is the hard part.  

This training is aptly named, because like all my training. We cover a wide range of topics in a very short amount of time. The term some of my attendees use is content dense.

The password required is unique for this page.  It costs $100. For those of you that bought hurricane training only, as an added bonus I made a duplicate of the winter training page (Minus Math Camp) that has the same password as this page. That way you quite literally get twice as much training for the same price.  The winter training comes with your lifetime password as part of module two, but because of the idiosyncrasies of the Website Building I'm using, each page can only have one password.  So if I want the same information available to those with a different password I have to build another page. 

They are clearly labeled.  People with the module two password, will not be able to use that password here. The password for these two training pages will be "unique." In other words none of the four passwords you get with your lifetime membership will work here. If you want in, it's not free, not even for lifetime members--who made sure I took the time to record it for them.

The winter training is a bonus for newbies. 

If you watch the introductory video you can see that the hurricane training and all the stuff I put on that page is easily worth the price of entry. So much stuff in fact that I couldn't put it all on one page. 

If you are new you may want to look over the getting started page. 

Mortensen Math Fractions kit, Fractions manipulatives,

My training pages give you a lot of bang for the buck. Watch the video introduction & you'll see what I/they mean. We aren't going to spend four hours covering addition and subtraction techniques. Although I spent quite a bit of time focusing on fractions by request, quite a bit more than fractions is covered.

I show you how to use both kits, the Fractions Kit AND the Multi-tens Kit...I also show you how to use fractions for teaching multiplication facts & ratios, among other things.  You also see why I recommend getting two. I'm not just trying to sell you plastic.

As with the winter training, we revisit the topic of "FLOW." You will see me demonstrating how to flow from one topic to another seamlessly and effortlessly. I illustrate the concept that math teaches math & how you can flow from one topic to another with ease, which keeps your lessons interesting and fun.  Eventually like the winter training, the hurricane training will be part of module two...And some of it may find its way to the password-protected fractions page. Eventually.

I think you'll find this Methodology far superior to using books & worksheets to memorize math facts day after day. 



Worksheets and PDFs.

This PDF, & several others are waiting for you on the other side. Download these fraction worksheets & follow along with the videos.

I think you'll find that even though this isn't "live" training, it's well worth the money...& just to be sure I added a mirror of the winter training minus the four math camp videos. I also added some supplemental videos and links.

Start Making $50 an Hour.

The point of all the training, is to give you the confidence & the ability to use your base 10 blocks to best effect.  I have more than a few moms, (& dads) who are using these trainings along with the blocks to start home businesses.  Go through the training and practice with your own children... You will very quickly find that you could just as easily be teaching children other than your own.  

These trainings also train the trainers. Besides people that were brand-new several people in the hurricane training already have math tutoring businesses, some of them charge more than the $50 an hour that I do! 

So I'm not being ridiculous. You may not be able to start charging that kind of money immediately, but certainly you'll find it very quicklyThat math tutors and teachers are in high demand. I should've recorded the portion where I was coaching when the moms on how to start a business. Should put out some feelers in her community & sure enough over 25 people responded. She doesn't feel like she is qualified to charge $50 an hour. But I'm sure she could get $50 from each family per month and meet with the students once a week in groups of four or five. She would be working four or five hours a week, playing with blocks and getting paid for it. For or five hours a week, not four or five hours a day. What if she only got $25 a month from each family? That's still $625.00.

That will buy a lot of peanuts and M&Ms. (Don't eat M&Ms they're poison. It's just a figure of speech.)

I also want to be clear that you aren't going to come to this video training and turn around and start a tutoring business the next day.  But you have to start somewhere. This is a great place to start.  Also tutoring isn't for everyone.  Jerry Mortensen himself did not make his living 
as a tutor...And frankly he was surprised that I could. But I've been showing people how to do what I do for over 25 years. I've seen some very unlikely suspects (one woman excused herself and threw up when I presented her with algebra her math phobia was so strong). She ended up with a thriving tutoring business in Provo. She has since taken up other pursuits. But for more than a decade, it more than paid the bills. 

People to come to me for training often find that demand so overwhelming that they have to raise their rates.

I can assure you their clients are happy to pay them.  Despite the varying experience levels, this methodology leveled the playing field for everyone. Beginners and veterans learned and had fun together. It will be the same in your homeschool, students of varying skill levels and experience can be taught together at the same time, & everybody has fun while learning. Or rather than doing groups you can tutor one student at a time. Special needs students come to mind...But also gifted and talented students who are stuck in fourth grade bored to tears. 

This method makes Math easy and fun. Children who have been labeled with all manner of learning disabilities respond extremely well to this methodology.  Conversely, children with exceptionally high IQs also respond well to this program. Currently the words "multisensory math" are buzzword
in the math world.  This is the original Multisensory Math Methodology. 

Quite a few decades after Maria Montessori, certain elements of the math community have figured out that adding more senses increases 
Math accessibility and understanding. 

Bonus PDFs:

Here is a PDF from Stanford for example that discusses adding the visual element to mathematics. Here at the house of math we don't just add visual the  element we also add the kinesthetic element.

Here are some of the 
fractions worksheets I talk about in the videos on the other side.

In fact, I encourage you to get your blocks out and play along as you watch these videos. Don't just watch them. "Build" the problems.  You can stop and rewind the videos if you need time, but playing along, taking notes and building the examples will help you get the most out of these videos/pages. 

In case that's too small to read:


I hope you are well.

Last year, my daughter and I attended a class/overview/introduction you gave in a backyard in Eagle Rock (Los Angeles). 

You surveyed parents and I was one of a few engineers to whom you said 'I bet I'm going to show you a way of looking at an equation that's going to blow your mind.

You were right and after the session when my daughter and II thanked you, I told you how right you were.

That moment hasn't left me and I think it's because I am so surprised I had never seen it before. Almost mad to be honest.

My question - Is there a way for me to become a tutor in Los Angeles? Do you offer some kind of program or process? 

FYI, we own a set of blocks and I've watched the videos for parents and educators. My wife has an account. Not sure if you wanted/needed to know that.

Best regards,


Some of you may be able to take these trainings and in very short order get to the point where you're making $50 an hour too. I'm here to help, with this website and training. I certainly can't guarantee your success, but I can increase the possibility if you'll put the time in on this website.



This is the entire point of the training.  I do not have a formal training program or process yet.  I find people tend to self select. I also find that most people err on the side of caution. But once again I remind you no one is teaching little kids Pythagorean theorem, how to factor polynomials or do complex problem-solving...And have fun while doing it. Math really can be child's play and I show you how.


Fraction Worksheets

Bonus Winter Training. (Unique Same as Hurricane Training)

Winter Training (Mod II)

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Want to see more free pages & lessons & other free stuff on this site?

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For $1 per month (the lowest level subscription) you get access to
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You'll find hours and hours of videos with base ten blocks and information you won't may not find anywhere else not even on this website.  I often post video tutoring sessions there. Other people post vids and links there. Lessons cost the people doing them minimum $50.00 and hour. You can watch 2 to 10 of them a month for a dollar...Do the math. Currently 127 people are there. About half of them are active.
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