Intermediate Completing The Square


Gain a better understanding of completing the square and how to apply it all in one simple series of videos. This page will take you from the very basic to the "advanced" applications of vertex form and graphing.  Basic completing the square with positive numbers and expressions is easy but what about expressions with negative numbers or more than one x²? And how is it useful for graphing polynomials.

The next page shows you how with videos that show you theory in practice.  Watch this for a better idea of what you get:

Spoiler alert, I give you the blog post that's buried on the blog i this video so you could get a lot of information and understanding for FREE, but of course this page has quite a bit more on it than what you'll see on the blog.  If you liked that you get even more explanation and lessons on how to put it together for your students on the other side.

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Still not sure? Or maybe you just want to see behind the paywall, here's a little more in depth on how to use these pages to best effect:

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