Major Confidence Booster

by Kara
(Atlanta, GA)

A month ago, my 8 year old son took a standardized test. It was in the comfort of our home with a personal proctor. I had essential oils flowing through the air, classical music playing, and an entire year of age/grade appropriate math under our belts. We spent the last year going through his curriculum with frustration and tears but also small successes and what seemed to be progress.

Testing day comes and we reach the independent math section. My bubbly, energetic boy withered in his seat and tried to hide his tears as he sobbed over addition and subtraction problems. My heart was broken. He had little confidence in his math understanding. We were missing a crucial, foundational part of math. He wasn't seeing numbers he was only seeing symbols. A few weeks ago a friend introduced me to Crewton Ramone and told me about his upcoming camp. I'm so glad I followed up. These last two weeks at Crewton Ramone's Super Duper Summer Math Camp Daniel was able to learn way more than how to factor a polynomial. I think we've made a pivotal turn in the right direction for Daniel. Instead of becoming a grumpy, agitated boy at being asked to skip count or name the factors of 35, he looks excitedly challenged and the wheels start turning. So grateful to be a part of the first summer math camp and look forward to participating in the future. I think I have learned more than my children and can't wait to apply the knowledge to all three of my kiddos.

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Jul 23, 2017
So happy
by: Anonymous

This is great to read!! Happy you found a way to make your son feel better about math.

Jul 23, 2017
There is a reason for all things...
by: Crewton Ramone

You could tell from day one that he was pretty freaked out. He had developed some very negative thinking patterns toward mathematics, the very thought of having to do math was unpleasant, This pattern was broken when he saw all the other kids doing it and having fun. He had no option but to change this pattern. Putting him in a math rich environment literally made him change his thinking. This is why this program and methodology is so powerful. I cover this in a parent teacher training, I call it flipping the switch as it were.

Obviously from the photos we flipped the switch. Now is teachable again.

Unlike many other methodologies that change people's thinking, this is painless and fun and fast. As you experienced: it's accelerated learning.

And it imparts a whole lot more than computational skills. Logic and critical thinking, as well reasoning--it's all there.

Mathematics is intrinsic to the human, Daniel is now back on the path of learning how to count quickly and accurately. Soon he will learn how to count more creatively and apply his computational skills in order to do more complex mathematics and problem solving.


This is why I need testimonials like this because too many people fail to realize what's happening to these children's minds. We HAVE to get them BEFORE the damage is done. But too many people fail to see the need to teach their children this language at an early age much less spend money on it because they've been deceived.

We used to think the same thing about foreign languages like Spanish or Chinese, Now we know beyond a shadow of a doubt, the best time to teach foreign language is EARLIER not later.

Language is intrinsic to the human. Put the child in a Chinese rich environment. It will grow up speaking Chinese. But put that same childIn a Spanish rich environment and it will grow up speaking Spanish. Put that same child in an English rich environment: that child will grow up and speak English.

The kicker is that if you put them in an environment that's rich in Spanish, Chinese and English, they'll grow up speaking Chinese, Spanish and English: the capacity for learning of the child is basically unlimited.

Is been my experience the child's learning ability and learning capacity is limited by the state school system in he USA. By the parents and teachers themselves who themselves have been previously subjected to this flawed system but have nothing else to model so they replicate it. And then limited themselves they put limits on their children according to gender or class or whatever limiting beliefs are operating, there is a belief tha he wealthy are smarter and that's why they often speak more than one language, as if rich kids can speak more languages than poor kids.

The reason they do is because most poor kids in the USA only hear English...but now the myth is being shattered by poor Latinos who hear both English and Spanish and grow up fluent in both even though the parents may only speak one or the other. There is A Clue here, you may not speak mathematics but that doesn't mean your child won't.

But the reason the wealthy speak more than one language is because they can afford tutors. And schools wherein they can put their children in language rich environments. In Europe this happens naturally. Many children grow up speaking three or four languages because they've heard them since they were children. And the wealthy can afford tutors for mathematics.

Mathematics is just another language. The best thing about this camp is it became obvious to all that conceptual manipulative-based mathematical teaching puts the mathematics within the grasp of all.

No concept is beyond the grasp of a child if it's presented at the child's level.

Math is simply another language. It is a simple beautiful language and one that is available to all because counting is intrinsic to the human. These tools allow you to put your children in a math rich environment. I show you how to use them to best effect.

Just think, your grand kids are never going to have Daniels problem, he will make sure of that. The force had to make sure he understood what he had and now he can appreciate it that much more and so can you.

Same reason I failed calculus.

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