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Base Ten Block CRASH COURSE 
Just $97.00


Hourly rate is now $60.00 x 5 = $300.00.  
$75.00 single classes.

Use the contact link for payments or other communication.

Crewton Ramone's No Mystery Theatre Now Has A Second Page!!!
(More FREE vids!)

And pardon me: for those of you that can't do math, the November 2020 election was stolen.  Very basic math. Trump won in a landslide, so did a lot of others...this is why YOU need math.  

Algebra with base ten blocks online!

30 Hour Course.
Click for details.


Contact Me for info and details.  Currently have openings on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Great for teaching homeschoolers how to use these blocks to teach their kids math and make it fun.

ccasionally I get the college student who is trying to get a degree and math is "in the way".

Then comes fall and things really ramp up especially as the quarters end and the end of the semester. You should have started back in the summer and you'd be having easy "A's". This method is fast and easy but it still takes some time to LEARN math, rather than just memorizing long enough to pass the test.

"I aced it cuz I actually know it..." is a comment I heard one teen age girl say after I called to find out how her test went.

Classes via the internet!

You'll need to set up gmail video chat (google Hangouts) your own set of blocks...we'll be able to play blocks together anywhere on the planet. 

I have taught people in Canada, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Many US States...California, Illinois, New York, Virginia, Florida and many more...

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Note: Mortensen Product Ordering Buttons Have Been Removed Due To Shipping/Inventory Issues. i basically DO NOT sell product for them anymore. Use eBay or other sources for base ten blocks.