Trickle Down Effect

by Stephanie
(Atlanta, GA)

My three year old was hanging around during math camp and sits with my kids while they watch Crewton's videos. I've never asked her to participate yet anytime another kid is doing math she asks to play along with the blocks. I've never formally introduced any math skills and she's never done more than play with the blocks but today I tried an experiment.

I showed her a ten and asked her to make a ten by finding the missing block. She did it without a problem and she wanted more. It's the perfect way to keep her engaged while the other kids are working on their math. She has no clue that she's learning to add and subtract and she has no idea that most people would consider these skills too challenging for a three year old. I love that without formally introducing a thing she's actively absorbing and learning, and most importantly.....having fun!

With one kid a lifetime password is an amazing deal, with more than one it becomes a steal. You'll be amazed as you watch the skills trickle down to the younger kids and the older kids take such joy in being able to pass down their knowledge to the younger ones.

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Aug 07, 2017
Math RIch Enviornment
by: Crewton Ramone

Create a math rich environment...and the kid learns math...create a Spanish rich environment the child will learn Spanish... Simple.

By the way the youngest I've ever done is two & half...

You're doing it right, no need for symbols, pens, whiteboards or anything like that. Just playing blocks and talking about it... Later we'll draw pictures of it and finally we will add symbols, the same way you teach them how to read and write English...concrete⇒draw⇒abstraction via symbols.

And again, it doesn't matter what blocks you use because it's not about the blocks it's about the method... When comes time for algebra that's just going to make sense.

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