What did you just do?

by Sumayyah
(Garden State, USA )

I will preface this by saying that math has never been mom's thing - at least... not until now but
mom has ALWAYS been determined that her children would learn math no matter what it took:

MOM: factor X² + 5X + 6
8 YEAR OLD: thats easy i see it in my head
MOM: draw it then build it anyway
8 YEAR OLD: ((X+2) (X + 3)
MOM: great let me give you another
8 YO: no wait i want to solve for X
MOM: no wait - not yet...
8YO: (starts doing something on the white board - then runs to 15 year old sister in the room)
- - mumbling - -
8YO: (comes back and writes on white board:) X + 2 = 0 X + 3 = 0 - after some work on whiteboard - - (X = -2 ) (X = -3)
MOM: wait a minute - what did you just do?
8YO: mom relax I solved for X
(-- 15 yr old comes in and explains it so mom can catch up )
8YO: mom you know what your problem is? you are too left brain
MOM: are you sure? left brain? don't you mean right brain?
15YO: no mom he means left brain - what you think is right brain is just you being your crazy self
MOM: alrighty then LOL

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Nov 06, 2015
Pasadena Carpet Cleaning Has a Pack of Spamming Dorks Working For Them
by: Monica Kelly

If you want to leave spam on a page you should spam someplace else. I deleted the other one. Monica Kelly is ugly and her mother dresses her funny...and her mother smelt of elderberries.

Jun 07, 2015
If it had a pic I would give it 5
by: Anonymous

Still loved it though.

Jun 07, 2015

by: Crewton Ramone.

Pics or it didn't happen.

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