Child's Play - 21 month old "Ditto"

by Jubilee



Put the twos where the two go.

I emptied the tray and Ditto began sorting the blocks piece by piece.

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Jun 15, 2015
blocks and toddlers
by: viviane

I know from my experience toddlers are natural sorters . my little ones loved sorting their cars , their stuffed toys , ... how great to introduce the blocks at an early age and let them soak in the language of math . I shied away from it with my fist one and we struggled a bit with basic concepts , she is 9 now and doing really well in math but it was a hard start . her brother who was then a toddler not having any structured lessons just playing with manipulative next to us trying to keep him busy while i am doing math with his older sister . The results are amazing , he got it all effortlessly without any formal lessons and the best thing he doesn't ask me to learn math , in his words : mama can we play math now :) I said it on face book and I will say it here again , I think the blocks should be on every child first year birthday gift list , even i would personally buy one while I am pregnant before baby is sue , you never know when baby is ready and a teaching moment comes up .

Jun 07, 2015
cool idea
by: Swathi

I will try with my 2.5 yrs old. she already loves to make 10 now. I will try this tomorrow.Thank you sharing it.

Jun 06, 2015
Math to Babies...Are you serious?
by: Misses Post

Gotta Love It! So wish I would have found this 4 years ago. But, glad you guys did. These make me smile.

Jun 06, 2015
by: Crewton Ramone

This simple exercise teachers quite a bit. Sorting. You can count along with the child as they put blocks in even sing songs about Rover, meantime they can't miss the progression as they cover the numbers when the second three in it's six the next one will be nine...

You win a prize for being the fist to submit something. Not sure what the prize will be but it will be something maybe a Pair or Ray-Bans (gold frame pink lenses)...or maybe more blocks or a teeshirt or something...thanks for sharing!

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