Algebra FTW

by Gretchen K
(Virginia USA)

My kid is 14. She's homeschooled. This last year we studied pre-algebra and she did OK. Without naming any names I will share that we used another base ten based math program.

Unfortunately that program doesn't really utilize base ten blocks past basic math. I decided to enroll my daughter in Crewton Ramone's math camp. I let her invite a friend, b/c math is more fun with friends right! haha!

The girls learned Algebra! Miracle! In two weeks they both were able to grasp the basic concepts in Algebra. My daughter now feels more prepared to enter her 9th year of schooling. Her friend, who is going to be doing Algebra 2 this year has a stronger foundation to build upon! I couldn't be happier. I swear by this way of learning even for kids that don't necessarily NEED the more tactile hands on part of learning.

Learning by doing, by playing, by building, by writing is 100% more effective than any other way of learning.

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Jul 24, 2017

by: Crewton Ramone

Exceptionally pleasing to read this. I will come back and comment when I have more time.

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