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Being realistic, Math News may bore the crap out of the average person. But it is of extreme interest to me...here are a bunch of articles collected all in one place plus updates on what's happening here on my site and elsewhere.

UPDATE 2020. Most of these links are broken and you'll have to use the Wayback Machine.  No one was coming to these pages...Do not know when but maybe four or five people a month...Not worth the upkeep.

Here is a collection of current news from Math news from Science Daily.

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Am looking into several things...one is a trial at making an internet TV show...like 1/2 a month...think Beakrams World meets Sesame Street meets Monty Python with MTV and Bill Nie The Science Guy, stir in some acid Pee Wee Herman and Electric Company with the emphasis on math only and you get what I'm going for. Will turn math edutainment on it's ear...

Also looking to do a couple webinars for about ten bucks...sign up and we will do 1hour of hard core math education, one for parents and teachers on using manipulatives, one for young students, and one with the focus on algebra...and for ten bucks it's semi-interactive with a chat and then later you can buy the re-cast or podcast for 5 bucks...or free if you were on the webinar...just need to find out how to make it all work and get clear on pricing etc...meantime will keep adding to CRHOM and making more vids.

Also soon you will see some items on the website for sale and more cool stuff you can use that's free or low cost for teaching math. I should also be able to offer the manipulatives soon...

Brains of girls and boys are similar, producing equal math ability


This article was shared with me. I am not 100% familiar with it...

Everyday Math “Fails the Grade”

by Jo Anne Cobasko

Founder of

Save Our Children from Mediocre Math

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Proponents of Everyday Math (EM) such as Dr. Butcher and Yvonne Lux, both of C.L.U., would like parents to ignore the opinions of over 220 Professors of mathematics and science who have signed an open letter published in the Washington Post that was critical of EM and similar controversial programs http://www.hobel.org/lwved/id9.htm . Save Our Children from Mediocre Math (SOCMM) has the highest regard for the opinions of the professors that signed the “Riley Letter” and we urge parents to review the LINKS at http://socmm.home.att.net and decide for themselves what and who to believe when it comes to K-12 math education and curriculum.

Proponents point to supportive test scores and declare that EM is making the grade. Variations in the degree of supplementation used throughout the district, however, render the test scores meaningless. While some classes abandon teaching EM, behind closed doors of course, using different instructional materials; the remaining classrooms adhere to the teacher’s manual with little or no supplementation. Outside tutoring centers and the home use of approved math programs will continue to support scores, in spite of the classroom use of EM. Professor Wayne Bishop of C.S.U. L.A. discusses this further in his reply to Dr. Butcher posted on the SOCMM web site. http://socmm.home.att.net/bishoprebutsbutcher.htm

I compared the EM 1st grade work book with 2 CA approved math programs, and found EM to be grossly inferior to the SBE approved curricula. You do not need to be a scientist to identify EM’s incoherent presentation and lack of emphasis on computational skills and standard algorithms. The State Board of Education rejected Everyday Math in the 2001 Mathematics Adoption Report for failing to meet CA math Standards. http://www.cde.ca.gov/ci/ma/im/documents/mathrpt.pdf

It is interesting to note the Publishers of Everyday Math chose NOT to submit the program to the SBE for the 2005 supplementary math adoption and therefore it will remain unapproved. SOCMM supports “Math Choice” in the CVUSD. Allowing parents and students to choose a CA approved math curriculum, if they so desire, will improve math outcomes for students in our public schools.

Save Our Children from Mediocre Math

Web site: https://socmm.home.att.net

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