Teach Multiplication

Here will be some additional "how to" videos to help you teach multiplication and more resources for complete mastery.

Multiplication is the first and most important milestone in mathematics. The mathematics is just counting, multiplication allows us to count very, very fast. This way when use the mathematics for critical thinking and problem solving the computation doesn't slow us down.

These are additional methods but not the only methods...this example is A way not THE way.

Use music and sing songs, play games, play multiplication video games...mix it up and above all have fun with it.

Also NOTE near the end where I add 6 of each piece it should be according to the symbols 6 taken 4 times, in other words 4 sixes NOT 4 taken 6 times...but the little kids DON'T CARE.

(6)(4) = six taken four times...

I was adding more ones, twos, threes and fours to make a point then I made an error in notation...the across, over pattern is VERY important. The order is multiplicand, multiplier, product. I should have either gotten out sixes or put the four first and then the six (4)(6) and made the rectangle four across and six up because what we had was four taken six times and although they are the same amount the symbols and rectangles need to match. I have years and years to instill the correct patterning with them...the concept of adding three more was what we were going for...don't get paralyzed by the fear you are going to do it wrong. Mistakes are unavoidable but are easy to correct, and sometimes make the point more powerfully than if you hadn't.

Hopefully your students are very young but if the are older and still haven't got their multiplication tables down there is still hope. Often, I end up having to teach multiplication to students who are having a hard time with algebra...usually along with fractions. You can by the way use fractions to teach multiplication too.

Look for more videos for that here soon. Right now there these three but there are more on the way. Currently there are around 60 videos on various topics, many of them are on YouTube. I have to go through some of them and put them here because the are relevant and show how to teach it other ways and in conjunction with other lessons, like addends for example.

Remember, take your time, if you start early a few facts at a time is enough. Just have them listen to the patterns then introduce drawings and then at last symbols. If they are already teen-agers, it's better to use algebra to teach them multiplication rather than just drills and straight up multiplication tables.

I made this video specifically for a parent who was worried about playing wrong...

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Go (back) to the multiplication main page. Here there are several resouces for teaching multiplication, like Timez Attack and Multiplication Rock.

With regard to Timez Attack: "Thank you Crewton. This has helped [my daughter] Kayla. She picked up on the times [tables] very quickly and had a blast doing it." ~Stacy

Be sure to visit my blog and watch a few videos that show how to use 2nd, 3rd and 4th degree algebra to actually help teach addition and multiplication...to these same toddlers.

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"Too often we give children answers to remember rather than problems to solve." ~Roger Lewin

"Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners." ~John Holt

"We learn to do something by doing it. There is no other way." ~John Holt