“You are rewarding a teacher poorly if you remain always a pupil.” ~Friedrich Nietzsche

By Popular Demand: Parent/Teacher Training

Parent Teacher Training Is Here!

This Password has changed as of 14FEB2017. People get a little crazy with the sharing...also, you big fat dorks, there are now, FOUR PASSWORDS the "sitewide" password works everywhere else BUT here. If you put your "sitewide" password in here it WILL NOT work. You need the Parent/Teacher training password here. The Parent/Teacher training password only works on this page. That's it.

If you try to use the Parent/Teacher training password anywhere else...guess what? IT WON'T WORK. It ONLY works here. If you try to use the "sitewide", (the one that gets you in everywhere else but here) here it doesn't work. Perhaps, I should rename the sitewide password...but I didn't think it would be that difficult. And the "Everything-But-The- Parent/Teacher-Training-Password" seemed a little cumbersome. Silly me.

Let's recap:

"Sitewide" Password: works everywhere BUT here and three other pages, so when in doubt use the Sitewide.  Unless you are on the Trig to Eight Year olds page or the EZ PZ overview page which clearly tell you that they need their own super special passwords.  See Password Info for more.

Parent/Teacher training password: ONLY works here.  There are also two other passwords now that only work on one page each.  

If you get a "Lifetime" pass you get ALL, that means you get Four (4) PASSWORDS, but you can't put your "sitewide" password in here...well you CAN, it just won't work.

Already have your P/T Training password? (Not the "SITEWIDE" Password, which will not work here), click


If you are new here, or got here by a search or clicking a link on twitter or what have you, here is a 90 second video to give you an idea how powerful base ten blocks coupled with this Methodology can be. Caution: I am told watching these 90 seconds can be life changing.

I am biased towards Mortensen Math blocks but there are several that you may find are serviceable.

Learn To Use Base Ten Blocks

The point of this site and the P/T Training is to teach ANYBODY to be able to produce students like that, not just me and not just Jerry Mortensen or a select few others. If YOU want to learn how to be effective with base ten blocks I'm here to teach you how; you take it as far as you want. I don't care if you are "just a mom", a teacher, or whatever if you want to learn: this is the place.

The problem, which I find quite humorous, is that now I have TOO MUCH STUFF and people feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start. How about clicking the "Getting Started" tab? I have little sympathy because when I started it was the exact opposite: there was no training (ZERO) and then after a few years the $500.00 kit came with four VHS tapes...you wanted training? You had to fly to Idaho. Now you get HOURS of vid for FREE and at the moment there are over SEVEN hours of exclusive training you won't get elsewhere and soon there will be more than that--all for 24 bucks. This offer is also for a very limited time.

Here is a page of videos including a ONE HOUR OVERVIEW.

Yes, it's "a lot of stuff" but math is a pretty big subject and how to teach it using base ten blocks isn't going to be covered on a short webpage with a one hour video.

Soon you will be able to buy DVD's and everything...if you have the SPECIAL P/T Training Password just click ENTER here or the big one below, and you are in, but perhaps you would like to watch a few minutes of it first so...

Here are a few more excepts:

Short excerpt form a 80 minute training...

This is 11 minutes out of 75 minutes of a training I did. Audio and video quality is poor because it's a screencast, the original is much better quality as you'll soon see. Was supposed to be an hour training, this is from about 40 minutes in to 51 and went another half hour after that.

I'm famous for going long not short even though in the vid I mention stopping after 50 minutes, it's a pretty rare occasion...

Another short excerpt showing how compound teaching effects understanding and "number sense." How about gaining an understanding of basic concepts like multiplication and division are inverse functions? And understanding what division IS.

If you want more training like this just get the P/T password. If you bought a Lifetime Password just email me and I'll send you this one FREE. The lifetime pass is TWO passwords: the sitewide pass AND the P/T training password. ($353.50)

Here is an short excerpt form an almost 2 hour training done in last Dec. We talked about subtraction, negative numbers, how to use algebra to bring the points home and more.

This training was GREAT because it had parents who were afraid to do algebra and "advanced" math with their kids (6 and 10) because they were not confident but after ONE 1 hour training and the training on the other side plus the material on password pages they are having FUN and the kids favorite time is, of course, MATH TIME. Homeschooling parents are thrilled when kids ASK FOR algebra, because math is fun, especially algebra.

Take Advantage Of The Free Material First.

But before you break down and buy a password maybe you should spend some hours on my blog and this website exploring, reading and watching videos, all for FREE...or at leaste peruse them so you get an idea of how much you are getting and going to get for your money. Really: people are amazed.

The trainings are for parents and teachers who are already fairly familiar with base ten blocks and want more training on the methodology...although if you are brand new here those three vids up there should answer a few questions.

If you haven't already seen this page, spend a little time here, (and yes I know my fractions page really needs work).

It's a page called Base 10 Blocks Best Use, and it is designed to show you a few tidbits and entice you to poke around the house of math. Seriously, you can spend hours learning how to use your blocks and watching them in use not just in theory with real live students (which is invaluable in and of itself) without ever spending a dime.

"So, I am absolutely flabbergasted by the stuff I am learning just hanging out in the House of Math like four to five hours (literally) per day! Before the little one gets up, I'm on. Nap time, I'm on. After bedtime, I'm on with toothpicks bracing my eyelids. Even before purchasing the passwords! It's like a crash course re-education, and I am infinitely grateful..."

The Difference Between Theory And Practice.

I've been to several trainings for various things and anybody can tell you there's theory and then there's practice. On this site you get both. What's on the other side is theory and method as opposed to the blog and most of this website which is pretty much all practice you SEE the students learning in real time, unrehearsed.

The point is, before you dive in and spend money on training or passwords digest some of the free material first. If you already have some experience and want more, get the password(s) below.

Meantime click the FREE GAMES tab and for those teachers who teach pre-school thru 2nd Grade, PUT the building tens software on your computers for FREE.

And here is 40 minutes of free training on presenting addition and subtraction along with problem solving to your students or children. Follow the links and watch the videos, they give you the nuts and bolts "how to" using the blocks. The training on the other side of this page is more about concepts and methodology than actual hands on training with blocks although there is some of that. Keep in mind that we could just as easily have started factoring polynomials but most of you are stuck in the mindset that we have to start with addition...

This buttons on the side bar give you the options for passwords. 

TURN OFF YOUR POP UP BLOCKERS or the page with your passwords won't show up and there goes your instant gratification. If you don't see the pop up page:

Your password(s) will arrive within 24 hours via email; usually much sooner. If they don't, simply email me and I'll get Math Bunny to send them out right away. Use the Contact Tab (at the bottom of the purple bar over there on the left).

If you buy ANNUAL passwords that means they are good for a year...and remember when the passwords change if you don't get an email with the new ones just email ME and I'll send you the new ones...for a whole year....or for life depending.

GET SUPREMELY SIMPLE SUBTRACTION FOR FREE. Just send me your email. I'll send you my book. Maybe a good idea to put SSS in the subject line. Allow 24 hours for delivery. Use the contact tab (up there on the left...the one that says contact, right near the bottom) or click the link and put in your info. And don't worry, you won't be getting a lot of email from me.


Again by popular demand, now you can subscribe..just use the button on the sidebar to the right and you can break it up into TEN payments.  Ten payments of 36 bucks and you are in for life...or if you just want to try it out for a year choose the annual option.

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“I care not what subject is taught if only it be taught well.” ~Thomas Henry Huxley

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” ~ Albert Einstein

"I don't say awesome....but this is awesome!" ~PS CO.

"What the hell is wrong with you? Of course "nobody" buys your training it's only 15 bucks {price is currently 24 on it's way to 49} so they think it's s*#t, and there's no way for you to tell them this is probably the best thing on the internet when it comes to learning how to teach math...they'll never believe you--that they can get this for basically no money. No Way! They are used to paying way more and getting way less. I can't believe it, so why should they? 15 bucks? Can't be any good."~ from a training that didn't make it to video here.

"I'm so glad that I have found your website. It has truly made a difference in how my daughter and I approach math while we homeschool. I've finished the teacher training videos and have watched many of your other videos and screencasts. I'm working my way through your website. Thank you!"~ SG, USA.

Note: from time to time the passwords change. Simply e-mail me for a new one or a new passport as the case may be. Annual passes are good for one year, lifetime passes are good for as long as the site remains up, (site has been up for eight years now).  All single page passwords have lifetime renewal.

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